The kitchen follows the trace from the past and allows you to savor the production of vegetable and fruits from the agricultural company.

A small reality attentive to cultivation, without using pesticides, chemicals, according to the seasonality of the products and what nature has to offer. A salutary way of eating without a doubt, a choice of life.

The Mediterranean diet is essentially a model of life that deepens its roots in the history of our country, also thanks to the geniality of Ancel Kyes who characterized a style of life, communicated to the whole world with one word: diet eureka = a style of life that represents a set of competence, knowledge, practice, and tradition which goes from landscapes to culture, to harvest, to fishing, to the conservation and transformation and in particular food consumption. We love our products and we prepare delicious Mediterranean dishes with love, to experience plenty of oaks.

The pleasure of the table is an experience to be lived in Cannito. The intent that excites the agricultural company coincides with the will to spread an innovative culture of tourism, willing to value natural resources instead of enjoying it unconditionally.

At the base of the organization, a set of social-cultural and economic values have constituted the premise of dividing a dream transformed in reality: to conjugate the passion for nature and an entrepreneurial spirit.