there’s a place …

the sun , the rocks, the trees.and above all , the sea .four elements that narrate the story of two enchanting residences surrounded by broom thickets an old oak trees.A place of infinite charme : il cannito .
il cannito is located just few kilometers from Paestum and Cilento seaside .The complex is composed of two ancient-stone buildings that have been restored to their original splendour in strict compliance with regulations protecting tha natural beauty spots of southern italy .The locality of il cannito covers over thirty-seven acres of the Capaccio (Salerno ) hilltop area facing the temples of Paestum , whitin a context renowned for its historical importance and extraordinary archaeological sites.Here the fertile land , mild weather and typical flora and fauna make for a unique , natural environment .
The city of Capaccio developed around the sixteenth century at the foot of the Soprano mountains and its ancient name Caput Acquae clearly refers to the features of the area ;the Capaccio-Paestum plan is very fertile and is crossed by watercourses like the river Sele with its many tributaries that irrigate the territory .The historical -documentary evidence and the exceptional landscape and landmarks call for a special approach in terms of knowledge ,safeguard , and enhancement of the territory .

Perfect integration

the two enchanting residences are surrounded by thick mediterranean maquis composed of oaks, Holm -oaks,elm trees,myrtle and juniper thickets: a natural mix of colours and perfumes that enhance the uncontaminated beauty of areas dearly loved by the ancient Greeks and Romans.The two structures are so perfectly integrated with the environment that at first sight they appear as being developed in concert with the mighty oaks surrounding them.